[Ratan] Jhadu (Grass Broom)

[Ratan] Jhadu (Grass Broom)

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This natural grass broom is unique because it is handcrafted using only natural grasses that have been grown in Garo Hills. Compared to regular grass, Garo Hill Grass sheds 80 percent less dust and has a threefold longer lifespan. The traditional brooms are weaker than the natural grass brooms, which are used to clean various kinds of surfaces, including hard-to-reach corners on standard floors, tile floors, marble floors, wooden floors, etc. It is simple to remove dust with its long plastic handle without bending.


- Dimension :- (Approx. Size): ‎98x10x3 Centimeters

- Handle Material: Plastic

- Broom Head Material: Grass

- Special Feature: Portable, Lightweight, Compact

- For Home and office Floor Cleaning Easy Dust Removal


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